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Using Repositories to Sync Between Instances

  • We have three instances of Iguana in test limited to about 60 channels per instance. We do our best to make use of shared files between various translators to keep things more or less standard. The problem we run into is if we are working on a channel on one instance and make an update to a shared file, we then have to manually replicate it to the other instances. The same would happen when it moved to production.

    We also need to be careful because in a few cases we may have a translator using an older commit of a shared file for various reasons. So any new commit would not necessarily need to be activated on all channels using a particular file.

    Using Git repositories, is there an easy way to help keep the test instances in sync? To add to that if we have local installs for development, they too would need to be kept in sync with the main commits in test.

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