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What is your Iguana project?

  • Introduce yourself to other Iguana users. How did you come to interfacing? What kind of projects are you using Iguana for?

    Casey Trauer,
    Director, Client Education

    My name is Nicolas Pratt and I am the IS Manager for a Radiology billing company. We currently have multiple interfaces for our existing software and are looking to move 5-10 over to Iguana to save on costs and increase the speed of programming fixes.

    I will be mainly focusing on properly creating new interfaces for existing information and ensuring the interface creation goes smoothly as we grow in the future.

    Hello my name is Mark and I work with medical device software. I’m on the software implementation team and will be writing Iguana scripts.

    I’m James; I’m taking over management and support of the Iguana implementation at the health care organization I work for where we use it to manage interfaces in and out of Cerner and our other supporting systems.

    Hi, my name is Dianna and I am a Development Team Lead. We currently use Iguana as a middleware solution to enhance the integration experience between our software systems and with other external software systems. It is our goal to use a common integration solution to provide seamless flow of electronic data from one system to the next. I will be supporting this.

    Hi, I’m Nicole. I work for a dental software company and we use Iguana to interface our products with our customers’ medical systems. I’ll be building and supporting interfaces.

    Hi, I am Alan Swan. I recently started a new role at an NHS Trust in the UK. We use IGUANA as our TIE middle-ware solution for integrating between the EPR and other systems. I will be supporting existing interfaces and developing new interfaces.

    Previously I worked 13 years for CSC (DXC) as an NHS integration analyst providing integration consultancy services for trusts implementing new systems under the national program for IT (program is now defunct).

    LUA scripting language is new to me so expecting a very steep learning curve at the beginning.

    Hi Alan – welcome. I hear how you feel. Is there anyway we could help your solve your problem with learning Lua?

    Hello, I’m Thomas. Our team uses Iguana to translate HL7 messages. I’m taking the online Interfaceware course in order to learn how to set up and maintain the translators.

    I’m Jason. My organization has asked me to cross train in the use of Iguana, so I can perform interface work with one of our products that uses Iguana.

    Hi. We started to run ETL jobs (X12 to XML to csv files) developing an in-house solution written in PHP. Our client is expanding and the ETL process is not part of their business model, therefore we expect to replace the in-house solution with a robust, enterprise-level solution like iguana.


    My name is Glenn Pringle. I recently joined an organization that uses Iguana.
    Looking forward to becoming proficient in the tool.

    I recently joined, am going to be using this to continue supporting the Integration of various systems in my organization.

    We are moving from Mirth to Iguana. It has been a great opportunity to redesign the logic and expand the usability of the interface.
    At the same time, we are moving from on site to Azure.
    It has been a busy year!

    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

    I plan to use Iguana to interface our Nexus 360 system with various EHRs.

    We will use Iguana to interface between our EMR and other 3rd party applications.

    My name is Donny and I work in a local health system. Our team is embarking on replacing our current interface engine with Iguana.

    Hello my name is Latha T. I recently joined an organization that uses Iguana.
    I am new to Iguana so trying to learn and become more proficient.

    We are using Iguana for multiple integration projects like HL7, DB, file etc. and would like to explore more to API and FHIR.

    Hello my name is Tina and I am a senior systems analyst for a healthcare system. I have used Iguana through a 3rd party app vendor who I would like to be employed by so need to expand my knowledge of Iguana.

    I’m Blyth and I’m learning all of iNTERFACEWARE’s systems to assist users in implementation, support, and improving the tools necessary for me to be a well-rounded solutions engineer.
    I look forward to learning more!

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