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The Deployment Tool is a new feature that allows you to quickly and easily deploy any number of channels to any number of Iguanas. It is available for both Iguana Professional and Iguana Enterprise.

To access the Deployment Tool, please please contact us at

Configuring Repositories [top]

The repositories that you can pull channels from in the Deployment Tool are dependent on the repositories that have been configured in the Iguana that the Tool is running on. If you wish to connect to a repo that has not been added in the Add Repositories menu, then you will not be able to see that repo in the Deployment tool menu.

For information on how to setup a repository please read our Setting up a Git Repository page.

Adding Remote Iguanas [top]

Similar to the repositories, you will not be able to deploy channels to any Iguanas that have not yet been setup as remote Iguanas.

For information on how to setup a remote Iguana please read our Remote IGUANA Servers page.

Deploy Channel(s) [top]

  1. The Overview page will give you a list of all of the available repositories and the available remote Iguanas.
  2. To begin deploying a channel, click the Deployment Tab.
  3. The first step is to select a repository that you wish to deploy channels from. Once you pick one from the menu, a list of all of the channels in that repo will appear.
  4. Once you’ve selected the repository, select the channel or channels that you would like to deploy.
  5. Click Next
  6. Now select the Iguana(s) that you would like to send the channel(s) to.
  7. Click Next

For more information on the Iguana Packages, please contact your account manager or visit our Iguana Packages page.

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