Iguana Protocols


HL7: Custom Delimiters

Use the hl7.serialize.lua module to serialize HL7 with non-standard delimiters/escape characters

HL7: Custom Z Segment

Use the hl7.zsegment.lua module to parse Z segments without grammar definitions in a VMD file

HL7: Find Segment

Use the hl7util.findSegment.lua module to find any HL7 segment in a parsed HL7 message node tree

HL7: Scrub Data

Use the hl7.scrub module to remove confidential data from an HL7 message

HL7: Split up batch file

Use the the hl7.batch module to split an HL7 batch file into a table of HL7 messages

HL7: Illegal embedded chars

Use the hl7.delimiter.fix module to fix unescaped "&" characters by escaping them as "\T\"

HL7: Process immediately

Demonstrates how to perform all the message processing in an LLP Listener script

CDA: Consume Document

Use the builtin xml.parse{} function to parse and consume a CDA document

CDA: Generate Document

Use our CDA API functions and templates for creating a comprehensive CDA documents

Parse and serialize JSON

Use the builtin json module to parse and serialize JSON Objects and Arrays

XML Techniques

Demonstrates the xml.lua module that contains several helpful xml utility functions