Why Lua

This article is broken into several pages:

  1. Introduction
  2. Where does Lua come from?
  3. Different APIs so no backward compatibility to preserve
  4. Dynamic vs. static languages
  5. Lua vs. Python
  6. Lua vs. Javascript
  7. Lua is simple and fast
  8. Some historical perspective


This article discusses our reasons for choosing Lua. (Basically it is the fastest and simplest language available for a scripting based mapper. )

All scripts in the Iguana Translator are written in Lua, a powerful programming language. Lua employs a relatively simple API based on straight-forward logic that can be easily applied to complex integration scenarios. The result? A lightweight and flexible tool that makes scripting accessible to a wide range of users!

Still got questions? For more comprehensive information about Lua, we recommend Programming in Lua and the Lua online reference manual.

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