7 ArticlesGetting Started

Welcome to Iguana! This is the place for first-time users to review basic product features and core concepts.

    26 ArticlesInstallation and Deployment

    Everything you need to know to create and manage Iguana Server installations.

    88 ArticlesReference and API

    This section contains articles that describe the granular details of some of Iguana's main features as well as comprehensive API Reference Guides that explain Iguana's modules, functions, and variables.

    191 ArticlesUsing Iguana

    This section dives deep into the product, providing detailed instructions and code samples to help you master Iguana and take full advantage of the Translator. We also host an extensive Community Forum for users and experts in the field. Check out the discussion boards to learn the latest news, tips and insights.

    43 ArticlesTutorials

    This section includes several step-by-step tutorials designed to help you complete specific integration tasks and demonstrate best practices and clean scripting.

    101 ArticlesTips and Tricks

    This section covers various tips in Iguana, and especially the Translator, that we hope you will find useful in current and future projects. It’s also a great idea to check out the Tips and Tricks section on our community forums.

    21 ArticlesIguana Apps

    The cool thing about Iguana is that you can do more with it than a traditional interface engine. It's easy to build mini applications on top of Iguana. We often find that our user base end up implementing very similar utilities to manage what they do with Iguana. That's a big motivation for why we have started to make these apps available. It's all about providing a better tool chain that is widely accessible using open technologies to help our user base use Iguana better. If you're a little bit curious and want to be on the leading edge of what an integration engine can do - this is the place to come!

      2 ArticlesMiscellaneous

      The following section contains a variety of articles, blog posts, and discussions about Iguana, the Iguana Translator, our customers, and iNTERFACEWARE's design philosophy.