Settings for the From Channel component

If you have specified From Channel as the source component for your channel, the Source screen for this channel definition enables you to configure this source component.


To configure the From Channel source component, simply use the Add a source channel list box to select a source channel from the list of channels that have been previously defined. The channel is displayed:

The Current Position column indicates the time at which the last message was processed. Messages that have arrived after this time will be held in the message queue for processing later. The value of this field is filled in after the channel is created.

The Queued column lists the number of messages that have been sent by the source channel and are now queued for processing. Click the number in the Queued column to view the Logs screen (in a separate browser tab) and display the next message to be processed.

Note: If the number in the Queued column is 0, no messages are waiting to be processed from this source channel, and the Logs screen displays the messages that were sent by the source channel that have been processed.

You can add multiple source channels to this list:

  • To specify another source channel, simply repeat the above steps. 
  • To remove a source channel, simply click the button in the Remove column.

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