Settings for the From HTTPS component

If you have specified From HTTPS as the source component for your channel, the Source screen displays the following:

  1. From the Use translator options provided, choose your preferred method:
    • (Recommended) Translator allows you to communicate with any other application or URL (including other Iguana instances). If you select Translator, your channel will be able listen and respond to any request coming in via a specific URL path.
    • Legacy allows you to communicate with any other Iguana channel across any other Iguana instance as long as that channel is communicating via HTTPS as well. In other words, Legacy only allows your channel to connect to other Iguana channels that use the To HTTPS destination component. Your channel will not be able to listen for messages being sent from another application or URL.
  2. If you selected Translator, you must also specify where the channel should listen for incoming requests. In the URL path field, enter the appropriate URL. (If you selected Legacy, no other settings are required.)

    Note: In version 5.5.5 and later, Iguana uses directory-style sub-path matching to identify the URLs to listen on. This means that sub-paths like “/foxton/accounts” and “/foxton/hospital” will be processed. Prior to 5.5.5, Iguana only recognizes exact matches, so Iguana would only listen on /foxton (/foxton/accounts and /foxton/hospital are not recognized).

  3. If you selected Translator, you can also specify the number of threads allocated to the HTTPS component. This feature was introduced in Iguana 5.6. Each extra thread is counted as a channel for licensing purposes.When multiple HTTP requests are coming in to this channel, they will be processed in parallel by available Translator threads in the source component. Some operations such as input/output will still be blocking across threads, but multi-threading will be beneficial if you may be waiting on the results of some other process when handling an HTTP request. Each thread is independent, so in particular that means no global Lua values are shared between them.
  4. From the Milestone options provided, choose which version of your script Iguana should use when you run the channel.

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