Pushing N messages as JSON object in single queue.push{} call

It is very simple to push multiple messages onto the queue as a single JSON object.

  1. Create an array of messages
  2. Serialize it as JSON
  3. Push the serialized JSON onto the queue

This is how to encode the messages:

This is what the encoded JSON message looks like:

This is how to decode the messages:

Note: We encoded the messages into JSON in a From Translator. Then we used the encoded JSON message as sample data, in a To Translator, to test the decoding.

Here is the code that you can copy:


function main(Data)
   local Messages = {}
   Messages[1] = 'My first message'
   Messages[2] = 'My second message'


function main(Data)
   local Messages = json.parse{data=Data}
   for i = 1, #Messages do
      -- do something with Messages[i]

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