Manual installation Best Practices


This configuration file for the B instance of Iguana supplies the working directory where the IguanaConfiguration.xml and vcs_repo.sqlite files are stored. All relative VMD file paths are based on this directory.

Notice how the explicit path to the Iguana executable is given as C:\IguanaApp\iguana.exe (for non-Windows operating systems /home/iguana/iguana_app/). This is the location of the unzipped application files.

   service_kill_timeout = 500000 
   service_display_name=Iguana Instance B
   service_description=HL7 Integration Engine
   command_line=C:\IguanaApp\iguana.exe --working_dir C:\IguanaB\
   command_line_unix=/home/iguana/iguana_app/iguana --working_dir /home/iguana/B/
   path_registry_entry_win32 = SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment

Tip: Always put quotes around paths that have spaces in them, for example:

command_line=C:\IguanaApp\iguana.exe --working_dir "C:\Program Files\iNTERFACEWARE\Iguana\IguanaDev"

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