Why did we build the Iguana Translator?

On paper the Iguana Translator sounds like a counter-intuitive product.

Integration engines have always been sold on the ability to enable non-technical teams to have systems share data without needing to write code.

The reality is though that very little integration work can be done without requiring some type of coding – and traditional integration engines usually provide a sub-optimal coding environment. Ironically most integration teams get sold on the mapping GUI but end up doing the bulk of the work using coding in these second tier environments.

We challenged this group think by tackling the integration problem in a truly original way. We put all our focus into solving the problems with coding rather than trying to replace it with clunky mapping systems. It was a big gamble to try this approach but the market has responded with a positive endorsement – Iguana is regarded as the most simple, yet powerful integration engine in healthcare. See what people have been saying.

One question that often comes up about the Translator is why we picked Lua? It wasn’t a choice made through a market focus group – any more than the Translator itself is something anyone would have asked for. I picked it just because of its sheer technical excellence. There is not a scripting language that can match Lua for speed or simplicity. As you get to learn Iguana you’ll love Lua as much as we do.

Eliot Muir


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