Database Settings

This screen shows the database libraries that Iguana is able to detect and access. It’s not a screen that most users will use unless you have problems detecting the MySQL client and Oracle OCI libraries at which point it is very helpful.

Iguana uses three database APIs, the currently loaded libraries are shown here.

  • The MySQL database API.
  • The Oracle OCI.
  • The Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) API.

Note: Iguana works with most databases see what databases does Iguana support?

Click Edit to change a database library.

Choose the library you want and click Save Changes.

  • The automatic option is usually best.
  • You can choose the latest library detected by Iguana.
  • Or manually choose a different library if required.

And how does Iguana find shared libraries?

  • It searches the Windows registry for installed libraries.
  • Otherwise it checks directories in the system search path.

The main reason this screen can be helpful is when Iguana has trouble locating a specific database library or when multiple versions of database library exist on the same machine. It gives high visibility to what Iguana is using and the ability to fix the configuration.

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