Creating a Channel

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and delete a channel.

There are many possible channel configurations, depending on your interface requirements. In this tutorial we will create a channel to receive and forward HL7 messages using LLP.

Tutorial Instructions [top]

Create the channel

  1. Go to the Iguana Dashboard.
  2. Click the Add Channel button:
  3. In the Add Channel dialog choose the following channel components:
    • Source = LLP Listener
    • Destination = LLP Client

      Tip: There are many other useful Source and Destination combinations that you could choose depending on your requirements. See More Information below.

  4. Click the Configure Channel button.
  5. In the Configure Channel window select the Channel tab, and enter the following information:
    • Channel name = Enter a meaningful Channel Name
    • Description = Enter a meaningful description
  6. Activate the (optional) Filter component.
    Click the Filter tab and check Use Filter:
  7. Click the Add Channel button to create the Channel, and you’re done!

Delete the Channel

  1. Click the REMOVE CHANNEL button at the bottom right in the Control Panel:
  2. At the confirmation dialog, click OK to confirm the deletion.

    Tip: If a channel is running you must stop it before you can delete it.

    You can stop a channel using the STOP CHANNEL button at the top of the Control Panel, or by using a STOP button in the Dashboard.

More Information [top]

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