Creating a preconfigured Iguana install

Adding a shared library

  1. Create a channel to use as an example. The name of the channel will be used in the drop-down list when importing.
  2. Add a shared module (lets call that new module SM). Add source code to the module.
  3. Add require (‘SM’) to module mail. Commit milestone. The repository will now contain a new example that uses SM shared module.
  4. Rename the vcs_repo.sqlite to initial.sqlite and add it to the zip file containing manual Iguana install.

Note: if you also want to ship IguanaConfiguration.xml, you might want to remove the channel so it does not show up in the dashboard. This has to be done directly from the two places in IguanaConfiguration.xml, rather then from the dashboard. If done from the dashboard, the source will also be removed from the repository, and become invisible on import.

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