Deploying Iguana on Unix, Linux and Mac OS X

Iguana Binary Distribution

In the Unix, Linux and Mac OS X environments, Iguana can be run as a process at a terminal or as a daemon. This section shows you what files are included with the Iguana binary distribution, how to run Iguana as an executable or daemon, and how to handle common database deployment issues.

Binary Distribution Structure

The Iguana binary distribution is supplied in a tar.gz file. Expanding the file will result in a folder, with contents similar to what’s shown below:

The large binary file is the Iguana application.

Some optional environment variables can also be set:

Variable Purpose
CHM_PYTHON_LIB_PATH This is the directory that the python lib files are located in. By default if this value is empty when Iguana starts, Iguana will use the “lib” subdirectory of the Chameleon installation. If another lib directory will be used, it can be specified before starting

Note: You can also specify the directory in which the Iguana configuration file is located. See Specifying the Configuration File Directory for more details.

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