First Steps: Building a Simple Interface


Congratulations, you have created your first channel!

You’ve also learned how to perform some basic integration tasks:

  • Receive HL7 messages from an LLP source
  • Pull and parse messages from the Iguana queue
  • Map data from one message to another
  • Hard-code message fields with specific values
  • Find and replace specific values following HL7 requirements
  • Convert and push messages back into the Iguana queue

Iguana can take you far beyond these beginner tasks with easy-to-use building blocks and many additional features. With Iguana, you can create channels that link to databases, act as web services, produce files, and connect to each other. Iguana can also translate just about any incoming data (HL7, CDA, XML, X12, etc.) You name it, Iguana can do it!

We are now ready to proceed to the second part part of our tutorial: how to run a channel in production.

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