Lua Basics

Additional Resources

For more information on the Lua programming language I recommend the online Programming in Lua book. That is the best one to start with since it introduces Lua concepts in more of a tutorial manner.

I like the quality of the Lua documentation. One of the advantages of Lua is the succinct nature of the documentation. I found I understood Javascript better after reading the programming in Lua book. By comparison is hard to find good documentation for javascript – because there is so much low quality material written on the language.

Some sections to skip in the book would be the information on co-routines. Meta tables are probably not a useful concept unless you are going to get heavily into writing library code. I did find a use for it in the codemap example which ships with Iguana.

After you have learned the language then the Lua 5.1 Reference Manual is useful. Especially the sections covering the standard libraries.

Our technical writer found the Lua Tutorial Directory a useful resource. I have not delved much into this although I am told it is good.


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