Save a Channel Milestone

The Iguana Translator enables you to save the current version of the script as a milestone. Saved milestones can then be restored or used at a later date. This enables you to make changes to your script safely, as you can always roll back to an earlier milestone if needed.

This tutorial demonstrates saving the first milestone for a project, but the the process is the same for any milestone.

Note: Before you can run any code in production the Translator environment forces you to commit a milestone. This means you can never run uncontrolled code, and there is always a named milestone that you can roll back to.

Tutorial Instructions [top]

  1. Click  the Save Milestone icon on the toolbar:
  2. Enter the milestone name in the Milestone name field:
    We recommend a descriptive name, particularly for production releases.
    Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 22.11.48
  3. Click Save to save the milestone, and you’re done!

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