Add/Configure Repositories

Configure connections to Git repositories.

Iguana can export and import channels to/from external Git repositories. This is useful for source code control, and sharing or transferring interface code between Iguana instances.

From here you can Add, Edit or Remove a Git repository.

  • Click the New Repository button to add a repository
  • Click the edit link to update a repository
  • Click the delete link to remove a repository

Creating or Editing a Repository

Click New Repository to create or edit to update a repository, the fields are the same in both screens.

Acceptable path formats for repositories are:

  • Windows Path: C:\path\to\repo
  • Posix Path: /path/to/repo
  • HTTPS URL: https://path/to/repo
  • SSH Path: ssh://git@domain.tld/repo.git
  • SSH URL: ssh://path/to/repo


  • Enter or update the repository name


  • Select the protocol: Local, HTTP, or SSH

Path or URL

  • Enter or update the local directory Path, HTTP(S) URL, or SSH URL for the repository

Private Key

  • Enter or update the Private Key if you are using an SSH repository, this must be in PEM format and cannot be password protected
    Note: This option is only displayed if you selected the SSH Protocol

    The alternate format for the SSH URL also works

More Information

See our comprehensive Repositories Section, including:

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