Enabling javascript for IE on Windows Servers


Iguana uses javascript. If javascript is not enabled in your browser you will not be able to register or run Iguana.

By default Windows Server 2003/2008/2010 have enhanced security turned on for IE (IE ESC). This will cause various problems like blocking some website features and preventing you from registering/running Iguana.The solution is to add Iguana to the IE trusted sites.

Note: You can also disable IE ESC, but this is not recommended because it reduces server security.

If you have any questions please contact us at support@interfaceware.com

Note: The screenshots on this page were made using earlier versions of IE and Windows, and will look a bit different from the latest releases — but the same principles still apply.

Issue [top]

If you have IE ESC enabled you will see symptoms similar to what is shown here.

The home page may indicate that enhanced security is enabled:

When navigating to a site you will get a dialog that indicates that some of the content for the site is blocked.

For example with IE 8 you will see a dialog like this:

For IE 9 you will see something like this:

If you click Close or OK (probably many times) you will be able to continue, but when you get to the site some things will not work correctly. When you are trying to register Iguana you will see a blank web page without registration options (because javascript is not allowed run).

This is what you should see when you register a trial license:

Instead you will see a blank screen like this:

Solution [top]

To use Iguana on a Windows Server you will need to add the following sites to the IE trusted sites:

  • Interfaceware related sites so you can download Iguana:
    • http://www.interfaceware.com
    • https://oss.maxcdn.com
    • http://dl.interfaceware.com
  • The Iguana registration site: https://my.interfaceware.com

Note: The screenshots below are from IE 8, and may vary a little with IE 9 or 10.

  1. When you IE on a Windows Server you will get a message showing that enhanced security is enabled:
  2. Choose Tools > Internet Options:
  3. Change to the Security tab click Trusted Sites and then click the Sites button:
  4. Use the Trusted Sites dialog to add these four sites
    • http://www.interfaceware.com
    • https://oss.maxcdn.com
    • http://dl.interfaceware.com
    • https://my.interfaceware.com
  5. Paste each site into the dialog and then click Add:
  6. After adding the sites click Close (to close Trusted Sites) and then OK (to close Internet Options).
  7. You should now be able to download, register and run Iguana.

    Note: You will still see warning dialogs when you navigate to interfaceware.com, simply close the dialogs to continue (by clicking OK or Exit).

    These errors are expected as we only enabled the minimum features required (therefore various other features are still blocked hence the dialogs).

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