How to send email notifications using Gmail


If you are using a Gmail account to send email notifications you will need to generate an app password. This is because Gmail no longer allows you to send email from within an application using a standard Gmail User password.

Note: This is a security enhancement that Google has added to Gmail – it affects sending email from all applications not just Iguana.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to get around it you will need to follow the Google procedure to create an app password for use with Iguana.

Issue [top]

Gmail requires an app password to send email notifications from Iguana.

Solution [top]

If you are using a Gmail account you will need an app password – alternatively you could use a different email supplier that will allow you to use the email user password.

  1. Follow the Google procedure to create an app password.
  2. Use your Gmail User + the app password you created for authentication:
    email notification



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