Iguana History


Manage Iguana configuration history.

Iguana commits configuration changes to its local Git repository. This enables you to revert to previous configuration settings, in exactly the same way you can revert to previous source code commits. To undo configuration changes, simply revert to the commit immediately before those changes.

From here you can review configuration changes, and revert to previous configuration settings.

Manage Configuration Changes [top]

To review configuration changes, and revert to previous configuration settings:

  • Click on a commit to view its details
  • Change how the selected commit is displayed
  • View commit changes or reversion changes
  • Revert to the selected commit

Choose which Commit to view:

  • Click on a commit in the list at the top of the page:
  • Click on a file in the left panel to view its details:

Change how the Commit is Displayed:

  • Select the display method from the drop-down list:

View Commit changes or Reversion changes:

  • Select from the drop-down list:

Reversion Example [top]

In this case we want to undo our last two configuration changes: Changing the name of a channel from “Test” to “Test Channel”, and setting the HTTPS channel server to use the web server port.

  • Select the third Commit from the list
  • Display Changes Only
  • View What would change on revert
  • Click Revert to undo the configuration changes

This screenshot shows that the commit for the reversion undid the changes as expected:

These screenshots show that the changes from the previous two commits are the same as the reversion above.

  • Screenshot of what changed in the first commit:
  • Screenshot of what changed in the second commit:


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