Iguana is Slow or Hangs on a Mac


If you are running a Mac with a recent version of macOS, you may experience Iguana running slowly or hanging. This issue is usually caused by an issue with host name on a standalone Mac.

Issue [top]

Iguana runs slowly or hangs

Solution [top]

To solve this issue please do the following:
  1. Check the hostname being reported for the Computer:
    1. Run the following command using terminal:


    2. If the hostname has “.local” appended to the name (“local” domain), like “mycomputer.local”:
      1. Then run this terminal command:

        sudo hostname -s <samename without .local>

      2. For “mycomputer.local” you would run the command:

        sudo hostname -s mycomputer

  2. Alternatively: Upgrade to Iguana version 6.1 or higher.

Prevention [top]

Using Iguana version 6.1 or higher should prevent this issue.

More Information [top]

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