How to learn Lua Programming


This page provides links to various resources to help you learn Lua programming.

There are three useful pages in the Knowledge Base:

  • Lua Basics: Start here:

    This page demonstrates basic Lua programming, like: strings, tables, loops etc.

  • Scripting Best Practices: Recommended coding standards:

    This page shows our recommended best practices for coding with Lua — these are based on what we have learned over many years using Lua.

  • Eliot’s Tips and Tricks: Advanced programming tips:

    Tips from our CEOs experience of learning Lua, it describes the surprises and differences he found compared to other languages.

These are some useful online references:

  • The First Edition of Programming in Lua is free online:

    This is an invaluable reference for advanced Lua topics. There are also later versions — you can buy version 4 as a paperback or an ebook.

  • Reference manual for Lua 4.0 the official reference manual.
  • There are many other useful online resources for Lua — just use your favourite search engine.

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