LLP Listener

Configure the settings for the LLP Listener source component.

The LLP Listener component listens on a specified port for HL7 messages using the LLP protocol.

From here you can choose the message encoding type, choose LLP delimiters, enable port sharing, enable connection timeouts, enable IPv6 support, configure ACK message settings and enable SSL.

  • Click the Edit Channel button
  • Enter your settings and click Save Changes

Message encoding

  • Choose the desired encoding from the Message encoding list box
  • Check Escape 8-bit characters in ACKs (HL7) to escape 8-bit characters in ACK messages

LLP delimiters

  •  (Optionally) choose custom LLP delimiters


  • Specify the port number In the Port field
    By default Iguana will automatically choose a port that is currently not in use, if you want to choose a port number manually you can check the used ports in Dashboard > Ports
  • In Iguana 6.1.2 and newer, you can use an environment variable (in the format ${VARIABLE_NAME}) in the port field.
  • Check Enable port sharing to allow multiple LLP Listener components to use the same port
  • When Enable port sharing is selected, connections can use a Remote host and an optional Alternate host:

Connection timeout

  • Check Connection timeout to enable connection timeouts
  • Enter the number of minutes to wait before timing out (defaults to 30minutes)

IPv6 support

  • Check IPv6 support to enable this channel to connect to a client using IPv6
    If the checkbox is not showing then you will need to enable IPv6 support on your server


  • Select Fast for Iguana to automatically generate ACKnowledgment messages
  • Select Translator or Legacy VMD if you want to generate custom ACKnowledgment messages
  • Choosing Translator adds a Script to the LLP Source to generate custom ACKs
  • Choosing Legacy VMD uses the autoack.vmd by default, but you can choose a different VMD



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