Monitoring an Iguana Instance using the Iguana Web-Service API


Iguana itself has a web-service API which can be used to monitor it.

What is powerful about it is that we can actually call that API from within an Iguana Translator instance. This is useful since you implement powerful custom logic with respect to monitoring one, or a group of Iguana servers from within Iguana. It makes it easy to integrate with third party monitoring software like triggering a command line tool that could do an SMNP alert or you could use a web service API on a ticketing system to raise a ticket.

You have complete flexibility.

Tip: You may also want to look at the our new Channel API and the iguana.lua wrapper for the Channel API.

Issue [top]

How to monitor an Iguana Instance using the Iguana Web-Service API.

Solution [top]

Here’s some code for you to try out:

function main()
local X = net.http.get{live=true,
   auth={username='admin', password='password'},
   X = xml.parse{data=X}

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