Monitoring Plugin Output

Monitoring Plugin Output

If you have created a channel that specifies From Plugin as a source component or To Plugin as a destination component, and the plugin is automatically started by Iguana when the channel is started, you can monitor the plugin output from Iguana.

To monitor plugin output:

  1. Ensure that the Iguana starts executable check box is selected.
  2. Start the channel.
  3. Open the Channel properties.
  4. Select the plugin component:
    • If your channel uses a From Plugin, click the Source tab.
    • If your channel uses a To Plugin, click the Destination tab.
  5. Click the Monitor executable output link:
  6. A screen appears, displaying the output that is being written to the plugin.

Note: This screen displays only the most recent 32KB of plugin output.

If your plugin output is not immediately displayed, but is displayed in large chunks once sufficient output is available, your plugin may be buffering its output streams.

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