Prevent Antivirus and backup software locking Iguana index files


If you use backup software or antivirus software on Iguana’s index files it can have the very undesirable consequence of locking these files. If this happens for more than 30 minutes then Iguana will go into a safe mode where it will shut down all channels and report an error.

Note: This error often occurs months after the initial implementation. This is because initially the index files are small so they are only locked for a short time (less than 30 minutes). But as the size of the index files increases the backup or antivirus software will eventually lock the files for more than 30 minutes.

Issue [top]

Iguana shuts down and reports this error:

The log index commit system has failed. Possible reasons:
– The disk has run out of space.
– An external process (such as antivirus or backup software) is locking files in the log system,
or has changed the file permissions.
– Some other unknown I/O error occurred, please provide this error to iNTERFACEWARE.

Solution [top]

The solution is to ensure that you do not run antivirus or backup software against the index files. Simply follow the backup best practices in backing up and restoring Iguana.

Note: Iguana will rebuild the index files on startup if they are missing (or corrupt). So there is no need to back them up or virus check them.

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