Register Iguana

Register Iguana:

  1. Launch Iguana and log in using the defaults user = admin and password = password.
  2. This dialog: will appear:
  3. New Users:
    • Click Start a FREE Trial
    • Enter your name, email, and a license description
    • Click Register
    • Activation is now complete, ignore the remaining steps
  4. Existing Customers:
    • Click Retrieve License to login to your Members Account
    • Activate or transfer a code
    • Click Register
    • Click Activate inside Iguana
    • Licensing is now complete, ignore the next step
  5. Entering a code manually:
    Note: Use this method when iNTERFACEWARE emails you a new code, usually for a transferred license.

    • Click the Enter your license code button
    • Copy and paste your license code into the License Code field
    • Click the Update License button to complete registration

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