Remote IGUANA Controllers

This feature was added in version 6.1 of Iguana.


For security reasons Iguana is restrictive about allowing its UI to be displayed (or framed) in the Global Dashboard of other Iguana Servers. You must grant “Controller” permission for Iguana Servers to display remote server UI windows (or frames). You will need to be grant this permission in the Remote Iguana Controllers settings of each Remote Server that you wish to manage.

How it Works [top]

If a remote “controller” Iguana is to frame (display UI pages) for an Iguana 6.1 instance, the remote 6.1 instance must have the controller’s URL listed in its Remote Iguana Controllers configuration.

Adding a remote controller is very similar to adding a remote Iguana.

  1. Open the Remote Iguana Controllers setting page.
  2. Enter the server URLs in one of these forms:
    • http://host:<port-no>
    • https://host:<port-no>
    • either://host:<port-no>
  3. Use * instead of the port-no to allow all ports.
  4. Setting the “protocol” to “either” will allow the controller server to use either HTTP or HTTPS.

Examples [top]

We show what happens when there are no remote servers configured, or the protocol is a mismatch for the controller server.

Remote Server not configured:

Viewing the Remote Iguana Controllers configuration shows there are no remote servers:

You will see something like this if you try to frame (display UI pages) from a Controller Dashboard:

Note: This is the error from Firefox — it will look a little different in other browsers.

Remote Server configured correctly:

Viewing the Remote Iguana Controllers configuration shows a valid configuration.

Either of the configurations shown below will work:

Now you can successfully frame (display UI pages) from a Controller Dashboard, for example:

Remote Server configured incorrectly:

Viewing the Remote Iguana Controllers configuration shows an invalid configuration.

For example you are allowing https:/ when the remote server is using http:/ instead:

Once again we will get an error message similar to this:

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