Iguana Programming


This repository contains some interesting/advanced examples of Iguana programming.

Simply add this repository from github https://github.com/interfaceware/iguana-programming

If you need help please contact us at support@interfaceware.com.

Build api programatically [top]

This channel shows the techniques that allow you step by step to build up an object orientated API programmatically. It’s derived from a discussion in this article: salesforce.com adapter. This was based on a talk Eliot gave at the 2015 User Conference.

Dependency report [top]

This is utility webservice tool which you can use to find out what channels use what shared modules. Not super pretty but quite useful for many customers. http://help.interfaceware.com/forums/topic/generating-a-report-of-which-channels-use-each-shared-module.

Import Database Schema [top]

This channel provides a utility to create a database schema based off a database that you point it at with the right credentials. This schema makes it easy to map data into a database using the db:merge{} function. It uses the human readable “DBS” format.

Understanding global table _G [top]

This channel will give you more insight into how Lua works by examining the global Lua context table _G. See http://help.interfaceware.com/v6/eliots-tips-and-tricks#_G.


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