There are two types of official iNTERFACEWARE repositories supplied with Iguana, Builtin and Remote.

The builtin repositories are designed to help with learning how to use the Translator, and to make common tasks easier and more productive. They include training material, useful tools/modules and common interface templates etc. The example code in these repos is thoroughly commented and each channel is documented here in the Iguana Knowledge Base. These repositories are automatically included in the list when you import channels.

Our remote repositories contain channels with code for less common and more complex or innovative tasks. This includes things like Iguana Apps, web apps, adaptors and more complicated interface examples and templates. You can use the code from these repos as a foundation and adapt it to your needs. These repositories is not as thoroughly documented and commented as the builtin repositories. You must add these repositories before you can import channels from them.

All our repository documentation is found in this section. However we don’t guarantee to document every channel in every repository. So remember to check out all the channels listed when you are looking at a repository, you may find an undocumented “hidden gem”.

If you need help with repositories please contact us at support@interfaceware.com.


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