Resolving the commit configuration error


When you create a channel that uses a scripting component you will get a configuration error: “Channel has configuration errors that will prevent it being run”.

This error is expected because you have not yet saved a commit in Iguana version control — the channel cannot run until you save your first commit. As soon as you save your first commit this error will disappear.

The following components will cause this error because they use the Translator Editor:

  • To Translator
  • From Translator
  • Filter

Issue [top]

You see this error when you create a channel:

Warning! When you create a channel that includes any one of these elements, the following warning appears:

Channel has configuration errors which will prevent it from being run. Please see below.

No commit is selected. The channel cannot be run.

Solution [top]

The solution is very simple just open the Translator Editor and create your first commit. You can call the commit anything you like, perhaps something like: “first commit” or “initial code”.

Tip: We strongly recommend making frequent commits during your development process. We also recommend using useful descriptive names for your commits.

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