Scripting Help

Using Scripting Help

Calling a function but can’t figure out what you need to define? Don’t panic! We are proud of our interactive scripting help that is fully integrated with our powerful auto-completion tool.

Iguana can explain what you need, what is optional, and the syntax required to complete the function correctly:

How it Works

Start typing out the item that you wish to add to your script. Based on what you are typing, Iguana’s handy auto-completion tool lists all the items that you can include.

But what if you are unsure which item to select or how to use it correctly? The help system provides information about using Iguana’s builtin functions (and custom modules if help has been written).

In this example, Iguana’s auto-completion tool is telling us that in order to call queue.push correctly, we must define which message will be pushed (and that we must use the data variable to do it). Notice that, unlike regular auto-completion suggestions, this information is displayed in a yellow help dialog. This indicates that we have access to additional help about this topic, should we need it:

Still not sure how to use the data parameter properly, then use the additional help! Click the expand icon or anywhere on the window title bar to open a help dialog:


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