Synchronize Users and Roles with Remote Iguana Servers.

Synchronizing allows you to use the same users and roles on multiple servers. When you synchronize Iguana servers, the users and roles on the master Iguana server (this server) replace the users and roles on the remote Iguana server. Channel groups are not replaced. Synchronization is only permitted between servers that are running identical versions of Iguana.

From this screen you can Synchronize Users and Roles from a Master Server with one or more Remote Iguana Servers.

  • All Users and Roles on the target server will be deleted
  • All Users and Roles on the Master Server (this server) will be copied to the target

Note: Before synchronization, the remote server’s configuration file is copied from IguanaConfiguration.xml to IguanaConfiguration.xml.beforeSync. This enables you to manually roll back synchronization if necessary, see: Undoing an Iguana Synchronization.

Synchronize Users and Roles

  • Select the target Remote Server(s) and click Synchronize
  • Enter your Admin Password to confirm the synchronization and click Apply

Undo Synchronization

  • Select Undo to undo the synchronization process
    The Undo option is only available while you remain on this tab
  • Enter your Admin Password to confirm the undo and click Apply

  • Close the confirmation dialog

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