System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum recommended system requirements for running Iguana 6 are as follows:

Component Requirement
Computer/Processor Computer with at least a Intel i3 or equivalent processor.
Memory 2 GB minimum.  4 GB or more recommended.
Hard disk Hard disk space requirements will vary depending on the volume of messages you are expecting. If you need to get a more accurate assessment of your hard disk requirements, please see Determining Your System Requirements.
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Mac OS X (Mavericks or newer), Linux (Any Ubuntu versions still supported by Canonical, or RedHat/CentOS 7+)
64-Bit Support 64-bit Linux, macOS, and Windows are supported and recommended. 32-bit Linux and Windows are also supported up to Iguana 6.1.2.
Web Browser Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome. For best performance we recommend using a modern, standards compliant web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above should work in most cases but is not supported. Do not run Microsoft Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.

See: Measuring Iguana Server system requirements to establish the specific needs for your server.

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