System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum recommended system requirements for running Iguana 6 are as follows:

Component Requirement
Computer/Processor Computer with at least a Intel i3 or equivalent processor.
Memory 2 GB minimum.  4 GB or more recommended.
Hard disk Hard disk space requirements will vary depending on the volume of messages you are expecting. If you need to get a more accurate assessment of your hard disk requirements, please see Determining Your System Requirements.
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Mac OS X (Mavericks or newer), Linux (Any Ubuntu versions still supported by Canonical, or RedHat/CentOS 7+)
64-Bit Support 64-bit Linux, macOS, and Windows are supported and recommended. 32-bit Linux and Windows are also supported up to Iguana 6.1.2.
Web Browser Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome. For best performance we recommend using a modern, standards compliant web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above should work in most cases but is not supported. Do not run Microsoft Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.

See: Measuring Iguana Server system requirements to establish the specific needs for your server.

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