Troubleshooting Iguana Browser Errors


Sometimes you can have problems connecting to an Iguana Server Instance. When this occurs the browser will behave “strangely” and you will get errors like: “Lost Connection”, “Unable to login” or “Panic Attack”.

This FAQ demonstrates how to use the dashboard_data browser command (URL) to access Iguana dashboard data — which you can use to help troubleshoot this issue.

Issue [top]

Resolve Iguana connection issues indicated by the following browser errors:

  • Lost Connection
  • Unable to login
  • Panic Attack

Solution [top]

Use the dashboard_data browser URL command to test if you can get Iguana dashboard data in your browser.

  1. Use this URL command:


    • For a default Iguana install, the command looks like this:


  2. If your browser gives the following message, it means that you are not logged in to the Iguana Server instance (in this browser):

    {“ErrorDescription”:”You are not logged in.”,”LoggedIn”:false}

  3. The solution is to log into the Iguana Server instance:
    • Run this URL command to bring up the login window:


    • For a default Iguana install, the command looks like this:


    • If that does not work you may need to restart the Iguana Instance and then login
  4. If you get a JSON response like this, then you have logged in correctly  — then you can use this information help you to continue troubleshooting.
    Note: If you need help at this point please contact us at
    Browser connection troubleshooting

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