Manage Users and the Roles they are assigned to.

Iguana uses a rich Role Based permission system which allows enterprises to control access to different features and actions. The Administrators Role and the admin User are built in to Iguana. Only users in the Administrators Role can make changes to the Administrators Role, neither the Admin user or the Administrator Role can be deleted.

From this screen you Add and Remove Users and assign Roles to Users:

  • Click Add User to create a new User
  • Edit to modify a User
  • Remove to delete a User

Note: The only difference between creating and editing a User is that you cannot change the User Name while editing.

Tip: To edit your user account you simply need to edit the settings for the current user (that you are using to login to Iguana).

Creating or Editing Users

Click Add User or Edit then enter the User details and select Add User or Save Changes.


  • Use the checkbox at top right to enable/disable the user


  • User logon name for Iguana

Email Address

  • Optional: Email address to use for notification alerts

SMS Address

  • Optional: SMS address to use for notification alerts
    Note: SMS messages are truncated to 140 characters, to ensure they will pass through the SMS gateway

Password / Confirm Password

  • Enter and confirm password

Role Membership

  • Required: Select the Role(s) for the user:

Effective Permissions

  • Shows the total permissions for the user, the sum of access granted by all Roles


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