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The Knowledge Base is primarily a resource for our users, and we strive to make it as useful as we can. We do our best to write articles that are relevant and easy to understand — and to make it easy to find them.

Usually the easiest way to find help is by using the Search Box at the top of the page. You can also use the Topics Menu to find relevant categories. And if you have a specific issue you should check out the FAQs and TIPs section.

Using Search [top]

Search is usually the easiest way to find what you need. The search box shows context-sensitive results interactively as you type — this speeds things up as you will often find what you need from a partial search term.

For example if you are looking for help on our dateparse function you will probably what you need just by typing “date”:

search for "date"

And in fact a more specific like “dateparse” can eliminate results that may be of interest:

search for "dateparse"

Also the search results can be filtered by Relevance, Topic (category), Software version (Iguana 5 or 6) and finally by Slant (tags). This is very helpful for refining the results — just click on the relevant filter (topic, slant etc.) to show only those results.

For example the search for “dateparse” returns three pages of results — you can filter this to reduce it to the most relevant pages.

Filtering by Iguana 6.x Topics and drilling down into “Developing Interfaces” and “Repositories” reduces it to four pages:

filtering by topic

Filtering by Slants (tags) also reduces it to the same four pages:

filtered search "dateparse"

Using the Topics menu [top]

The Topics Menu groups the articles intuitively by Topic (category), Sub-Topic and also lists the articles in each topic. You can use the menu to quickly find the subject area (topic) that you are interested in. Also if you found an article by searching you may find it useful to view other articles in the same topic/category.

The Topics Menu lives at the left side of the page in the Knowledge Base:

topics menu

To browse through the Topics you just click the little expand [+] and contract [-] boxes:

menu expand contract

Finally you can see the articles at the bottom level with the current article highlighted in bold text:

current article highlighted in bold

Using FAQs and TIPs [top]

The FAQs and TIPs section contains contains useful articles from our support team. There are FAQs that explain how to resolve many of the most common support issues. Also there is a TIPs section that explains the best way to perform many common Iguana related tasks.

We recommend browsing this category to get quick answers for common problems and tasks.

faqs and tips

We value your feedback! [top]

Your feedback is valuable to us! We want to build to build relationships with our customers — not just sell a product. Your feedback helps us to build a better product and improve this documentation.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at

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