Iguana Protocols


HL7: Custom Delimiters

Use the hl7.serialize.lua module to serialize HL7 with non-standard delimiters/escape characters

HL7: Custom Z Segment

Use the hl7.zsegment.lua module to parse Z segments without grammar definitions in a VMD file

HL7: Find Segment

Use the hl7util.findSegment.lua module to find any HL7 segment in a parsed HL7 message node tree

HL7: Scrub Data

Use the hl7.scrub module to remove confidential data from an HL7 message

HL7: Split up batch file

Use the the hl7.batch module to split an HL7 batch file into a table of HL7 messages

HL7: Illegal embedded chars

Use the hl7.delimiter.fix module to fix unescaped "&" characters by escaping them as "\T\"