Working with X12


Iguana can handle more than just HL7 data. Because we deliberately designed our software to be both flexible and adaptable, you can use similar Iguana techniques to translate, transform, and transmit practically any kind of data. This includes X12 messages, which are most commonly used for billing and administration transactions.

We often encounter situations where HL7 clinical messages need to be translated into administrative/billing transactions and communicated using X12 protocol. Although the X12 standard is clearly defined, it allows for extensive customization. In other words, everyone uses X12 slightly differently! Everyone produces their own “implementation guides”, a subset of custom rules/specifications that usually differ between organizations, even if they are sharing the same information.

Because Iguana doesn’t rely on rigid templates and pre-built, out-of-the-box solutions, these system-to-system variations are no longer a stumbling block. Instead, we offer a simple, customizable scripting solution that allows you to produce X12 documents from HL7 data easily.

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