Using Iguana

This section dives deep into the product, providing detailed instructions and code samples to help you master Iguana and take full advantage of the Translator.

We also host an extensive Community Forum for users and experts in the field. Check out the discussion boards to learn the latest news, tips and insights.


This section discusses its various Translator concepts, tools and features. If you're new to Iguana, you may want to visit our Getting Started section before continuing.


    This section contains article that describe how to start and stop channels, edit configurations, remove channels that are no longer needed and more. There are also some channel related topics in the Dashboard section .


      This section describes how to use Iguana's Dashboard to manage local and remote servers and their channels.

        Logs and Queues

        How to use and understand Iguana's logging/queuing system. Some tasks will require the Administrator Role.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          This section contains answers to a number of frequently asked questions about Iguana, Chameleon and integration best practices.

            What's New

            This section describes new Iguana features as they arrive in the product. To see a complete list of changes for all releases please browse the Iguana change log.


              Trouble strikes at the most inconvenient times, here are some useful troubleshooting techniques.