Which Operating System Should I Use?

System Dependencies


Iguana has very few dependencies on the underlying operating system on which it runs. This is because Iguana is written in C++ as cross-platform software. Everything is built from the ground up: The web interface is custom-designed for Iguana, not a third-party implementation such as IIS or Apache. Third-party components that are incorporated in Iguana, such as luajit, are shipped as part of the product.

Because Iguana is designed to be cross-platform software, quality assurance and regression testing are kept to manageable levels.

Iguana does not use significant quantities of CPU time. The limiting factor in performance is file input/output, which is mostly from the database. For this reason, Iguana can be safely implemented on a virtual machine, such as VMware or Parallels.

For these reasons, Iguana users have been able to run production-critical systems under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Note: Some of the operating systems in the above list are not officially supported by iNTERFACEWARE.

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