Which Operating System Should I Use?

Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a secure and stable operating system. It is the world’s most widely-deployed desktop version of a Unix-based operating system, as it is based on FreeBSD. It is not extensively used as a server operating system, so it might be best suited to applications that are not mission-critical.

The advantages of Mac OS X include:

  • There are not many problems with viruses.
  • Apple hardware is of high quality.
  • Because it is produced by a large commercial vendor, Mac OS X is tested using an extensive formal quality assurance process.
  • Installation is simple, as there are no problems with driver software compatibilities – Apple provides everything.
  • The update and patch system is generally very good.

The disadvantages of Mac OS X include:

  • Apple’s primary business focus is on consumer desktops and laptops. They may not deliver the level of technical support and turnaround time for replacement servers that is offered by vendors that are more focused on the server market.
  • The decision to choose Mac OS X over Windows or Linux may encounter organizational resistance.
  • Finding people with Mac OS X expertise may be difficult.

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