Scripting Best Practices


Although Iguana scripts are written in the Lua language and follow universal Lua scripting practices, there are additional coding conventions that you should follow to take full advantage of Iguana’s features. By applying these best practices, you will maximize the value of Iguana’s most useful tools: auto-completion, annotations, and context-senstive help.

Before You Start

Our best practices are written for users who are comfortable with coding terminology and Lua conventions. If you are unsure of these concepts, check out the following resources:

What are “Best Practices”?

“Best Practices” are the recommended methods and techniques for laying out and writing your scripts.  These recommendations have evolved over time and represent our extensive understanding of the following:

  • The best way to make your code easier to read (“readability”). This is important not just for you now but also for the poor guy who has to fix it in two years!
  • Valuable hints that will help you work better and become more familiar with some of the “interesting” things about Lua
  • Important ways maximize Iguana features, making the Iguana IDE even more useful and powerful

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