CDA Templates

Need to produce a new CDA document, but not sure where to start? This section contains several completed samples that you can leverage as a jumping-off point for your own CDA document.

  1. Identify which CDA sample best suits your requirements.
  2. Download the CDA sample’s project zip file by clicking the appropriate link below.
  3. Create a channel that includes a ‘From HTTPS’ source component.
  4. Import the project zip file and commit your first milestone.
  5. Tweak the code until you have the desired results.


Choose one of the following project zip files:

1. Continuity of Care Document (CCD)

Also known as a C32, this is the most commonly used CDA document. The CCD is the kitchen sink of CDA documents, designed to provide a bird’s eye view of a patient’s most relevant healthcare data (covering one or more encounters).

Project Zip File:

2. Minimal CDA

This CDA document is a completely stripped-down version of the CCD. It includes only the minimum number of elements required to pass NIST validation. This is the same sample that we used in our Iguana CDA Tutorial.

Project Zip File:

3. Dynamic Minimal CDA

This CDA document has the same elements as the minimal sample, but we’ve also stripped down its CDA header to the core metadata (no elements or attributes). This allows you to customize the header content with dynamic and static code that best suits your own CDA requirements. For more information about these techniques, check out Customizing the CDA header template.

Project Zip File:

Note: We will be adding new samples to this section regularly! If you need help in the meantime, feel free to contact support at

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