Bulk testing with Iguana Translator

There are many ways you can do bulk testing in the Translator, here are a few suggestions:

    1. Reprocess the messages for a channel:
    2. Use the Hl7 Simulator and HL7 Listener:
      • Use the Simulator to send/resend LLP sample messages from a file to a channel
      • Use the Listener to receive LLP messages sent from a channel
    3. Read messages from a database:
      • Use a repeatable method to process messages/data from a database
      • Reset the database to reprocess messages
    4. Read messages from a file or files:
      • Single Messages: Place a large number of message/data files in the channel input directory
      • Batch Processing: Place one or more large batch files in the channel input directory
    5. Process messages from a web service:
      • Create/use a web service to resend messages
    6. Use a Source Channel to feed messages:
      • Create/use  a Source Channel to resend messages

Please contact support at support@interfaceware.com if you need more help.

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