Can I still work the way I used to with Iguana, using Chameleon to do mappings in Iguana 5?

Absolutely 100% positively yes.

For many customers the existing way of mapping data with Chameleon did exactly what they needed. If you are one of those people then feel free to continue working the way you always have.

As much as many customers are very excited to move forward on to this new Translator platform we realize that our users have collectively implemented over 10,000 interfaces using Chameleon vmd/python based technology.  There is no need to replace that huge investment in time and money.

The good news for those existing interfaces is that it means we will not have the risks associated with changing the python version that Iguana ships with. We plan to maintain and patch that code base as needed but avoid any major changes.

The other good news is that clients do not need to completely re-write their code to leverage what the Translator can do for you. Right from the get go you can do things like use the Translator for filtering in conjunction with existing vmd based mappings.

Some customers might want to consider leveraging the APIs in the Translator which allow vmd/python based mappings to be involved.

But as they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you are happy with how your existing interfaces are implemented or you prefer the workflow of vmd files and Chameleon you are welcome to stay doing that.

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