Could I get hold of a copy for my personal use?

I love using Chameleon and Iguana but I just got a job at a place which is an Ensemble shop (applies to Cloverleaf, eGate, Oracle etc.). I’d like to use Chameleon and Iguana for troubleshooting since they are easier to use but I don’t make the financial decisions here.

Unfortunately a very common problem in healthcare IT.

We’re more than happy to provide you with a copy of Iguana and Chameleon for your own personal use – whether it’s for troubleshooting or just keeping your skills sharp we are happy to continue to include you as part of our user community. We understand that as a technical person you might not have the influence required to get a nice modern interface engine.

The reality is that if a CTO/CEO has spent quarter of million licensing Ensemble, Cloverleaf or it’s ilk even though these products lack the modern usability of Iguana it’s going to be tough political job for to convince your management of this. Of course if you do think you have a shot of affecting some modernization within your organization we’re happy to assist you with the economic arguments for justifying this.

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