I love Iguana but the cost of migrating all our interfaces off our current legacy technology is just too much

Talk to us.

We hear the same complaints.  These old engines are clunky to use. The vendors that own them are not moving these platforms forward. All the money goes into putting signs on buses and not the product! They lack modern features like the ability to do real time testing, revision control and handle modern messaging standards like web services. You would love to replace them but the cost of re-implementing all the interfaces running on these systems is overwhelming.

We can help.

We’re looking to make a show case site of taking a hospital running a legacy interfacing technology and helping to automate the transition off that engine on to the Iguana platform.  We’re a very tech savvy company so you’ll be amazed as just how efficiently we can do it.

You can get a bit of feel for how we would go about it by taking a peek at migrating legacy interfaces – talk to us if you are interested.

Switching could actually save you money.

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